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Shaan Bose

Website: http://www.thesearchagency.com

Name: Shaan Bose Ideal day-off: At the beach number crunching. Turn-ons: Excel, Pivot Tables, SUMIF, VLOOKUP, Debits & Credits, Tulips Turnoffs: People who don’t know what Excel is, bad breath People I would like to meet: Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston (hopefully they’re still alive) Motto: “Act as if you’ve been given a month to live every day of your life” Ambition: To make a Pivot Table that changes the world.

The Facebook Etiquette Manifesto

The Facebook Etiquette Manifesto

What are the rules of Facebook etiquette? In his debut post, Shaan develop a manifesto for the proper rules for friending, posting, gaming, and dating on Facebook. [...more]

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