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Craig Cochrane

Website: http://www.thesearchagency.com

Craig is a Senior SEO Architecture Analyst, and has worked in organic and paid search for 4 years. He began as a site owner, and has been an in-house SEO/SEM for DailyStrength, a large health-based social networking site, and for QualityHealth, a consumer health and wellness site. Craig holds a BA from Harvard in Economics and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from USC. In previous professional lives, he developed primetime television series at Paramount Pictures and helped launch the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), a virtual reality research institute at USC.

The Great Meta Debate

The Great Meta Debate

On Wednesday, Danny Sullivan wrote about the confusion over Yahoo’s treatment of the meta-keywords tag. It led to a spirited discussion (smack down!) here about the importance of meta-keywords and meta-descriptions. [...more]

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