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Brooke Temple

Website: http://www.thesearchagency.com

Brooke Temple serves as a Director of Business Development at The Search Agency where he delights in helping clients realize their online marketing potential. With over a decade of online experience, Brooke is equally comfortable assisting a Fortune 500 and he is the latest stealth startup. Brooke has earned degrees from Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania, is a member of the California and District of Columbia Bar Associations, knows the fastest line around nearly every racetrack in California, prefers primes over zooms for his camera, and visits at least one new country every year.

Illuminating Real Estate SEO

Illuminating Real Estate SEO

The key listing data collected by the various Multiple Listing Services (MLS) comes with severe restrictions on how it may be utilized online. As a result, web sites for real estate agents, brokers, franchisors, aggregators, specialists, etc. all display similar core data. [...more]

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