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Web-Only Retailers Not as Mobile-Ready as They Should Be

Mobile Experience Scorecard [1]

Mobile devices are here to stay. Recent research [2] indicates that about 55% of all time spent with online retail in June 2013 occurred on a mobile device. Providing a frictionless mobile experience is especially important for web-only retailers, those businesses that sell products exclusively online. Here at The Search Agency, we suspected that web-only retailers might demonstrate a greater level of mobile-readiness because of their exclusive reliance on online sales, and we set out to test that hypothesis in our latest edition of the Mobile Scorecard Report [3]. Based on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 list of e-commerce sites, we evaluated the top 100 web-only retailers across a set of seven criteria essential to the mobile shopping experience, and the results were surprising.

The top scoring sites were Nasty Gal, eBags, and Zazzle, which all used Responsive Web Design, Google’s recommended configuration for rendering sites on mobile. However, of the 100 companies evaluated, only 9 used Responsive Web Design while 59 used dedicated mobile sites and the remaining 32 used the desktop version of their sites.

Site Format Graph [4]

Most of the sites also exceeded Google’s recommended load time of 1 second, loading in an average of 2.99 seconds. Different site configurations had different average load times as well, with dedicated mobile sites loading the fastest and desktop sites loading the slowest.

Average page load time by format [5]

Check out the full report [3] to see how the top 100 web-only retailers are performing on mobile and to get some tips on improving your mobile experience. Tune back into the blog tomorrow to read about some of our interesting findings on gender within the mobile experiences of web-only retailers.