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Mobile Site Experience Throwdown: US vs. UK

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 by Print This Post Print This Post

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The Search Agency UK recently published a mobile scorecard report evaluating the mobile sites of the FTSE 100. The report replicated The Search Agency’s previous report on the Fortune 100 in the US. Both the US and UK reports used the same set of five criteria to assign a total score out of five to each mobile site – load speed, site format, calculated download speed, social media presence, and app presence. So how did the mobile sites of the top companies in the UK compare with their US counterparts?

The US slightly outperformed the UK in most of the key criteria. The average score for US sites was 2.31 while the average score for the UK was 1.99. In addition, more of the US sites loaded in under 1 second, and more used responsive web design or a dedicated mobile site than the UK sites. However, the highest scoring UK site, Tesco, received a higher score than the highest ranking US site, Coca Cola.

Mobile Experience US vs UK

With a highest possible score of 5, the top companies in both the US and the UK leave a lot to be desired in the mobile experiences they provide to users. Mobile devices are here to stay, and it’s increasingly imperative for companies to provide a positive mobile experience for their users or risk losing valuable business. For comprehensive tips on optimizing for mobile, check out our white paper, Optimization Strategies for the Mobile Web.

The full mobile scorecard reports are available in our research library.

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