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The UK’s Mobile Experience Scorecard Report: FTSE 100

According to a report [1] in June 2013 by Deloitte, the percentage of smartphone owners in the UK has reached 72%. Mobile devices are clearly becoming ubiquitous, but are UK businesses and brands adapting to the changing mobile landscape?

In order to answer this question, The Search Agency UK evaluated the mobile sites of the FTSE 100, the companies with the highest market capitalization on the London Stock Exchange.  The resulting report [2]follows the methodology used in The Search Agency’s previous mobile scorecard reports, which evaluated the Fortune 100 [3] and 100 top multichannel retailers [4]. Each site was assigned a total score out of five based on five factors: load speed, site format, calculated download speed, social media presence, and app presence.

Here are some of the interesting findings from the UK’s evaluation:

Format Graph [5]

Check out the full Mobile Experience Scorecard Report [2] for the FTSE 100 to see how other companies scored and to get insight about strategies for optimizing the mobile experience.

Special thanks to Adam Keyes, Content & Promotions Executive, for compiling the data for this report.

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