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Optimization Strategies for the Mobile Web

Posted on Monday, February 3rd, 2014 by Print This Post Print This Post

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Mobile Optimization

The holiday season is behind us. How did you do? How much of your traffic and conversions came through mobile? Are you providing a great user experience to engage and drive conversions from mobile users, or are you driving them away from your site? If you’re not optimizing for mobile users, you’re missing out on the full potential of this valuable channel. If you already have a mobile presence, there’s always room to improve and capitalize on it further.

According to IBM’s assessment of the fourth quarter of 2013, mobile traffic soared, accounting for nearly 35 percent of all online traffic, up 40 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2012. Mobile sales also remained strong, reaching 16.6 percent of all online sales, up more than 46 percent over the same period last year. Custora had similar findings in their study which concluded that the share of mobile orders (phone + tablet) out of all holiday e-commerce orders has increased to 29%, up from 20% in 2012.

We recently published a white paper outlining the practical techniques and strategies that you can apply to improve your position in the mobile market. The following are some of the technical and strategic questions which this comprehensive white paper will address.

  • What is the right platform for serving mobile content to your users and what technical factors do you need to incorporate for each?
  • How should content and conversion points be selected to appeal to mobile users?
  • What other optimizations are needed to maximize mobile performance?
  • What smartphone features can be leveraged to provide an excellent mobile experience?
  • How do I effectively test and measure my mobile site’s performance?
  • How do I integrate my mobile strategy with local search, in-store customers, and other media?

To gain an edge in this important market, download our Mobile Web white paper today!

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