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You Can Now Email Everyone on Google+ !!!

too_much_mail [1]

Huzzah! Today is a good day! The gods at Google have smiled upon us as they have made it possible for any Google+ user to email any other Google+ user [2] without knowing their email address! YAY!!!!! This means random people can start to reach out to you, even people you’ve been trying to avoid like: And it’s easy too! When this feature officially roles out, you’re automatically opted-in to it. You need to manually opt out if you don’t want to receive these random messages from people you wish never existed. Goodie, goodie! Google states that users won’t have access to your actual email address with this new messaging ability…but who cares!!! Their message still ends up in your email inbox, with the rest of your emails. It sounds like you can even email people who are outside of your circles. Even better!!!!!!! Oh and don’t worry…Google will email you when this feature is available to you! Let the harassment begin!! (let’s start with Sergey Brin!)