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New Jelly Social Search App – Prediction: “Yer Mom!” to be Top Search Result

Posted By David Waterman On January 10, 2014 @ 10:14 am In Featured,News,Social Media | No Comments

jelly [1]

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone recently launched a new social search app called Jelly [2]. What’s interesting about this search app is that it’s photo based and reliant on your social circles for the answer. Here’s a quote from Jelly on how it works:

“You send your question [about the photo] out and either someone you know directly [in your social network] has the answer for you or they know someone who knows the answer and that person can answer for you, you’re helping people by answering their questions even just by forwarding their questions.” (Click here [3] for full video on how it works).

So basically Jelly works like this:

  • Picture + Question = search query
  • Twitter + Facebook = your personal search engine.

It is an interesting concept based on the idea that “Information is not knowledge. ‘Knowledge is the practical application of information from real human experience.’” But when I reflect on the normal posts/interactions/banter that happen on millions of social profiles every day, regardless of the picture and the sincerity of the question asked, I fear the answer will always come back as “your mom!” As genuine and optimistic as Stone’s concept is that “people will be eager to help each other on Jelly because we are driven to help.” I have a sense “humor” will always outweigh “help.”

Now I know not everyone has a social network of juvenile 30 somethings like I do. There are some individuals out there in the online social realm who genuinely want to help others find answers (or at least show off that they know the answer to a question) so genuine answers may be discoverable through Jelly. I just sense that Jelly’s honest attempt at helping people attain valuable knowledge will quickly degrade into nothing more than a cesspool of raunchy one-liners, insults and nonsensical remarks.

Let’s try it!


where in LA [4]

Question: I’m in Los Angeles. What is this???

(Anticipated) Answers from Jelly:

  • Yer mom
  • Your butt
  • You don’t know this? You’re stupid!!
  • Yer mom’s butt
  • Walmart

Add your own answers below in the comments! Please be clean, but if your mind immediately goes into the gutter, then you’ve already proven my point :)

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