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New Exact Click Traffic Data in Google Webmaster Tools – Are Our Keywords Back?

google_webmastertools [1]

Google recently updated its keyword click-level data [2] in Google Webmaster Tools so that it now lists the exact number of clicks for each keyword. This is a potentially powerful source of information, especially considering Google’s earlier decision to stop providing organic keyword referral data in Google Analytics.  This move  upset a lot of traditional SEO practices, and the introduction of exact click traffic data in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) could be interpreted as a bit of a make-good from Google. Of course, this doesn’t replace the rich keyword data you were once able to mine from Google Analytics, but it does allow you to dig a bit deeper into the tail of your keyword traffic. We all know that keyword-level data has been available in GWT for a while, but now you can get a more exact reading on how much traffic you may be receiving from a specific keyword instead of just throwing them all in the “<10″ bucket. Also, gaining access to data on the impressions, average position, and CTR of each keyword allows you to get a sense of the terms, topics, and categories for which your site may have more relevance and authority. Although not a true backdoor into Google’s endless database of keyword-level data for your organic traffic, it at least provides detailed and somewhat actionable keyword data that you can reference and utilize. Word of Advice: Since Google Webmaster Tools doesn’t keep historic data (past a few months), it’s a good idea to export this data on a regular basis. As always, Google doesn’t want to make it too easy for us now. :)