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Mobile Devices are Bigger than Ever According to Q4 Report

Looking back at 2013, Q4 capped off the year with substantial gains for mobile devices in the world of paid search.  We recently published our State of Paid Search Report [1] for Q4 of 2013, and the data tells the story of mobile’s gradual ascension over the course of the year. This rings especially true for smartphones, which saw spend jump 109.5% from the previous year.

Smartphone Spend [2]

Tablets experienced impressive gains as well, with spend increasing 79.8% YoY.

Tablet Spend [3]

Advertisers seemed increasingly eager to shift ad spending onto mobile devices and away from desktops, demonstrated by the changes in spend share over time.

Spend Share [4]

This trend is also evident in the shifts in impression share and click share, where smartphones make the greatest gains, desktop share continues to fall away, and tablets stagnate somewhat, with minimal gains.

Impression Share [5]

Click Share [6]

For a more detailed look into the current state of paid search marketing, check out our comprehensive report [1].