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Big Brands Don’t Come with Big Digital Security

Big Data Security [1]

As you may have heard, Starbucks [2] has admitted that they save the passwords, usernames and other personal details in their Starbucks mobile app in plaintext. This basically means it’s unsecured. Luckily credit card information is not visible and is protected within the app, but it’s still possible for thieves to access the unsecure data. So what does this mean? It means as big data gets bigger, data protection becomes increasingly more important. If consumers lose trust or get burned by the technology brands use to provide a more efficient consumer experience for them (and as a way to gather more data on said consumers), brands are going to lose out on big data. Target has undoubtedly lost some consumer trust and customers as a result of their most recent data breach. This recent news about Starbucks’ unsecured app data may also reduce the number of consumers who utilize their app, which is undoubtedly a huge source of consumer activity data for Starbucks. If brands want big data, they need to ensure big security of this data. I just wonder how secure my data is on www.healthcare.gov [3] .