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7 Celebrities I Hope Adopt Jelly

Posted By David Waterman On January 16, 2014 @ 12:03 pm In Featured,Social Media | No Comments

With the recent launch of Jelly [1], the new photo-based social Q&A app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, brands have an opportunity to jump in and answer random questions from random people! In fact, it looks like Lowe’s [2] has already jumped on the Jelly bandwagon. I will admit that this seems like a great opportunity for brands to get some visibility and possibly notoriety (initially I thought Jelly would devolve into nothing but yer mom” jokes [3]).   But brands aren’t the only ones who can jump on this band wagon. Celebrities can also join in! Then I thought: “Hmmmm. Which celebrities would I love to answer my Jelly questions?”

Soooo, without further ado, here are the top 7 celebrities I hope adopt Jelly:

#7. Pope Francis (@pontifex)


Pope_Francis [4]

He’ll first ask you how long it’s been since your last question and then just tell you to say seven Hail Marys.

#6. Al Gore (@algore)

Al Gore [5]

His answer will always be “it’s global warming!”

#5. Andy Dick (@andydick)

Andydick [6]

I’m sorry, but I like Andy Dick.

#4. Perez Hilton (@perezhilton)

Perez Hilton [7]

He’ll send you back your original picture with hearts and snarky comments drawn all over it.

#3. Shia LeBeouf (@thecampaignbook)

Shia Labeouf [8]

He’ll copy someone else’s answer and say it’s his.

#2. Governor Chris Christie (@chrischristie)

Chris Christie [9]

He’ll deny knowing anything about your question in the first place.

#1. Dennis Rodman (@dennisrodman)

Dennis Rodman [10]

‘nuff said.

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