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Sneak Peek: Driving SEO Performance with CSS

css-seo [1]

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a great way to enhance and stylize HTML webpages while preserving and driving SEO value.  Our latest white paper [2] provides designers and developers with tactics that leverage CSS to provide excellent user experiences while minimizing the impact on page weight and speed.

Here’s just a taste of the features and benefits of CSS:

  1. CSS allows you to enhance on-page content to enhance user experience.
  2. Content encoded with CSS is fully accessible to crawlers.
  3. Design elements such as graphics and custom fonts can be rendered with lightweight CSS code instead of image files (which can significantly increase page weight and do not include crawlable text).
  4. CSS has native compatibility with all major browsers – no extra plugins are required.
  5. CSS Media Queries are the core component of Responsive Web Design, Google’s recommended configuration for rendering sites on various devices.

Read our latest white paper [2] to discover all the ways that CSS can enhance your site’s style while driving SEO.

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