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SEO for the Birds: The Search Agency’s POV on Google’s Hummingbird Update

SEO for the Birds [1]

In September, Google shook up the search marketing industry with news of a substantial update to their algorithm infrastructure, known as Hummingbird [2].  As one of the largest changes to the algorithm since 2010, Hummingbird is projected to affect 90% of all searches.  In response to this massive change, our team of SEO experts recently published an in-depth POV on Hummingbird with details on how this change will affect the search landscape.

While the exact mechanics behind the new algorithm remain shrouded in mystery, Hummingbird appears to use semantic and conversational cues to accurately interpret search queries.  This represents a foundational shift away from a primarily keyword based matching system to a more intelligent, context-driven system.

The uber-detailed POV provides keen insight into the new search landscape and covers the following points:

Ready to start reading? Download your free copy of the POV here [3].

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