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Mobile Site Experience Throwdown: 100 Multichannel Retailers vs. Fortune 100 Companies

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Earlier this year, we published our first mobile experience scorecard report that evaluated the mobile sites of the Fortune 100 companies, and recently, we replicated the study to assess the state of mobile among 100 of the largest multi-channel retailers. Our findings reiterated the notion that retailers are generally more mobile-savvy than the Fortune 100 companies, producing interesting results when comparing the two groups.*

As expected, multichannel retailer mobile sites performed substantially better on average than the Fortune 100 sites.  The average score for multichannel retailers was 3.17 out of 5, while the average score for the Fortune 100 was 2.31.  The two types of companies also differed in average load time.  The multichannel retailer sites loaded in an average of 3.62 seconds, while the Fortune 100 took 5.05 seconds.


Variations also appeared for the types of formats the companies used.  Among the Fortune 100 companies, 9% of the sites used responsive web design, 47% used dedicated mobile sites, and 44% used the desktop version of the site.  However, only 1% of the multichannel retailers used responsive design, while a whopping 91% chose dedicated mobile sites and the remaining 8% used the desktop version of the site.

The report also revealed that multichannel retailers, on average, were more likely to publicize their online presence by linking to social media channels and apps. Out of 100 multichannel retailers, 58 featured social media on their sites compared to 46 of the Fortune 100.  Furthermore, 35 of the multichannel retailers offered apps, compared to 19 of the Fortune 100 companies.

These results are not entirely surprising.  Multichannel retailers make up a very specialized group of consumer-oriented businesses that depend on making sales both online and within physical stores.  The Fortune 100, on the other hand, consists of a highly diverse group of businesses with widely varying business models.  Despite these differences, industry best practices demonstrate that nearly all businesses benefit from creating mobile friendly site and thereby demonstrating competence and innovation in the technological age.

*There is slight overlap between the two lists, as a few of the multichannel retailers are also on the Fortune 100 list.

The full reports are available in our research library.

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