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Mobile Experience Scorecard Report: Many Retailers Unprepared for Upcoming Holiday Season

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and consumers are not only shopping earlier but are also relying heavily on mobile devices as an aid to their holiday shopping.  According to Google’s review of cross-device usage [1] during the 2012 holiday shopping season, 63% of shoppers used multiple devices for holiday shopping purposes.

Mobile Optimization [2]

It is clear that mobile devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives now that 62% of American adults own smartphones [3].  Smartphones play an especially critical role in the shopping process – according to recent research from Google, 94% of smartphone users look up local information on their phones, and 84% have taken an action as a result, such as visiting a business or making a purchase.  The average consumer expects multi-channel retailers to provide an efficient, frictionless mobile experience.  Businesses that fail to offer optimized mobile experiences for their visitors may suffer losses, as 57% of smartphone users [4] report they would not recommend a website that had a poorly designed mobile site.

To better understand the current state of mobile readiness among multichannel retailers, The Search Agency used its Mobile Experience Scorecard to evaluate the mobile sites of 100 of the largest multichannel retailers in the United States. This report scores each of the retailers on seven criteria that either impact their organic search rankings and/or their customers’ onsite experience. Each company is assigned a score out of five on seven different factors: page load time, site format, store locator, search box, social media presence, app presence, and click-to-call. These scores are then averaged according to The Search Agency’s weighting factors to arrive at a total score out of five for each of the retailers in our survey.

Here are some of the most interesting findings from our report:

Check out the full Mobile Experience Scorecard report [7]to see how other companies scored and to read about the best practices for improving your site’s mobile experience.