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Grant’s Rants: Hey Matt, Be Careful What You Ask For…

grants rants [1]

In this week’s episode, Grant is ranting about the recent suggestions webmasters gave in response to Matt Cutts’ asking for  Google’s Webmaster Tools’ improvements. Among the most common suggestions from webmasters was better control of sitelinks selection. However, Grant suggests that increased control over sitelinks would result in decreased user experience and, potentially, lazy webmasters.

“Not me and Matt Cutts.” – Grant

Faux disclaimer: No association, affiliation or other knowledge of each other is inferred, implied or presumed, (unless you call hanging out on different sides of SMX & SES Conferences “best mates”), nor is the photo a representation or visualization of any potential relationship between Mr. Cutts, me, or a cardboard cutout of me. (Though I’m always up for a beer Matt, if you’re buying.)

Matt Cutts and Grant Simmons [2]

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