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Three Great SEO Strategies from Distilled’s SearchLove

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Last week, I attended the SearchLove Conference in San Diego. SearchLove is hosted by the UK online marketing firm, Distilled. Over the course of two days, industry experts from all over the world presented some great, cutting edge material. I can’t recap all the amazing takeaways I received, but I can share three great strategies that can provide you with some lift in rankings, increase engagement and open your business up to a larger audience.

Consolidating Business Citations Leads to Local Search Gains

Business citations are composed of names, addresses and phone numbers, which are also referred to as NAPs. NAPs are used extensively across the web by search engines, review sites and directories. Having NAPs that are not accurate is a pretty big problem when ranking in local search. According to Moz, it’s the #3 problem.

Unfortunately, there’s no equivalent to a 301 redirect for bad NAPs, but Darren Shaw provided some great tools and resources. The first step is to discover which NAPs are associated with you in the SERPs. Then, correct any inconsistencies, either yourself or by reaching out to the webmasters. Finally, monitor your SERPs results and ensure your citations are updated and haven’t reverted back to the incorrect versions.

Video is Your Best Opportunity to Build Trust

Video can be used to bring a “human touch” to your site. This is especially important for driving conversions on your site. People still want to engage with someone they trust.

To test this theory, Chris Savage, and his team at Wistia, took a radical approach to the typical online survey page. Most survey pages are not very engaging and can lead visitors to question the intent, which leads to bounces instead of conversions. The Wistia team created a survey page, which yielded over 1,000 form completions and a 77% engagement rate. The video on their survey page added a “human touch” and engaged visitors by making them feel like they are part of something fun.

Check it out for yourself and see if you feel like taking part in their survey: http://wistia.com/blog/content-and-events-survey-2013/

Effectively Expand into International Markets

Breaking into international markets can be a great way to gain new revenue. Kate Morris of Distilled gave a very comprehensive presentation about the dos and don’ts of international expansion. Going international requires planning that involves integrating translation or geo-targeting or both. Geo-targeting allows you to align your content with local customs, currencies and other rules (such as cookie permissions). Translation is usually easier to implement and can open your site up to a much wider audience.

To find out more about what strategy is right for you, check out this international planning tool.

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