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Using Responsive Web Design for Better SEO

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As consumers become increasingly mobile, Responsive Web Design (RWD) has become an important aspect to consider when developing websites and optimizing user experience. As a result, it has become increasingly important for webmasters and marketing professionals to understand the components of RWD that can positively affect SEO.

Earlier this year we published a technical white paper outlining the SEO benefits of RWD. Since then we have updated the white paper to reflect recent updates and common issues that SEO practitioners and architects have encountered.

Specifically, the new paper addresses these points:

  • Targeting and Performance of Paid Ads: One of the most important components for advertisers’ who use RWD is the way that paid ads are served. In order for ads to be effective and relevant, they must be compatible with the users viewing devices. While this has proved challenging for some advertisers, there are bid management software options that serve ads with responsive qualities.
  • Content Compatibility: Another important element of RWD is the use of content that is compatible and appropriate across devices. Advertisers should avoid using media that is only compatible with desktops, such as Flash objects, which cannot be rendered on mobile devices. The same is true for avoiding mobile-optimized navigation for desktop sites.
  • Elimination of Unnecessary Elements: Responsive Design and Server Side (RESS) relies on user agent checking to identify the user’s device and serves only the necessary, optimized components to render the page. This contrasts the standard RWD, which includes all various components within a page and uses media queries to display or hide certain components.

For more information about RWD and recent updates, download the full white paper.

About Kirby Burke

Kirby is an SEO Specialist at The Search Agency with a background in marketing and web design. When he’s not optimizing web sites or keeping up on industry news, he can be found enjoying music and movies, staying fit, or playing somewhere off the beaten path with his Jeep

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18 Responses to “Using Responsive Web Design for Better SEO”

  1. Ducktoes says:

    Responsive web design is without a doubt the way of the future, it really simplifies sites to make them more user-friendly and not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

  2. shahanth says:

    Resposive websites are very helpful for optimization.These responsive sites are simple and more user interactive.

  3. Abhay Hendre says:

    Using responsive design is very important because nowadays people don’t use just computers and laptops to browse the internet. A large percentage (which is growing everyday) of internet users use iPhones and tablets, so it makes sense to make your website design responsive so that your website loads correctly on all devices.

  4. Ducktoes says:

    Popped back for a second read and to pass the post onto my staff, thank you

  5. Jess says:

    I think, shortly, you won’t have a professional website if it’s not responsive.

  6. Using responsive web design with SEO benefits to SEO in various ways like responsive sites move to the head of the class, mobile users mostly prefer responsive sites, these sites get better indexing and higher search results, etc.

  7. Chris says:

    Responsive is the 21st century website, any site that is not responsive in this 21st century is missing a lot, because most users uses there mobile to surf the internet. nice write up.

  8. Jose says:

    Thanks for share, the next year it’s very important in the mobile traffic, and Google watch your web, be responsive, of course.

  9. General Aux says:


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