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Paid Search Metrics with a Bad Reputation (and Why You Should ‘Hear Them Out’)

metric-mentronome [1]

Understanding the relative health and success of your online marketing campaigns can be a fickle activity.  All too often, marketers make conclusions about their campaigns before truly understanding what is going on beyond their data. Sometimes, taking a deeper look at negative trends or decreasing metrics demonstrates a more accurate portrayal of an account’s overall health and success, which can be better than you initially feared. So before you panic about your account’s declining impressions and increasing costs, or other metrics that can strike fear in the hearts of marketers, consider these points: Looking at high level metrics in isolation is not enough when trying to evaluate the success of your paid search campaigns. It is important to understand what account or external changes have influenced increases and decreases by checking under the hood to evaluate risks and opportunities. Stay tuned for our next blog post: Paid Search Metrics Too Good to Be True (and What They Might Be Hiding).