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Paid Search Metrics Too Good To Be True (and What They Might Be Hiding)

metric-mentronome [1]

In our recent post Paid Search Metrics With a Bad Reputation (And Why You Should Hear Them Out) [2], we outlined the metrics that might signal a failure within an account when observed in isolation, but that, upon closer inspection, may actually be welcomed indicators of success.  To be fair to paid search metrics across the board, there’s also value in looking at the other side of the coin – metrics that marketers often assume are good, but may actually represent an opportunity for improvement.  Take a deeper look at each of the following before deciding which metrics truly deserve to be highlighted in your next meeting: Like our previous post about Paid Search Metrics with a bad rap [2], the key takeaways here are that no one metric should be analyzed in isolation, and no major account decisions should be made until the account’s success is appraised on a holistic level. Trends and changes in a single metric are beneficial to watch, but the most actionable and important analysis for the health of your campaigns revolves around how they interact and balance each other to make an account that works best for your goals.  Up next we will look at Paid Search Metrics That Are Popular For No Reason.