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The Countdown to Enhanced Campaigns: Practical Steps to Use Today!

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3 countdown

With only 3 days left before all AdWords accounts switch to enhanced campaigns, there’s still a little time to do some spring cleaning on your ad campaigns.  Because the transition may produce unforeseen changes to the search marketplace, now is the time to streamline accounts to minimize volatility after July 22.  I’ve put together some last minute tips for tidying up campaigns before the big move:

  • Run keyword reports to determine which keywords aren’t contributing to the account, and pause or delete them before transitioning to enhanced campaigns. This will reduce unwanted ‘baggage’ that you would carry into the new enhanced campaign environment.
  • Check negative keywords.  Enhanced campaigns will combine the previously separate desktop, tablet, and mobile campaigns, each of which contains its own set of negative keywords.  Look over the parody between the different negative keywords sets to make sure they do not overlap or cancel each other out.  If this step is overlooked, the campaign might start allowing undesirable traffic in and blocking quality traffic out.
  • Readjust ad spend budgets in your enhanced campaigns to account for all devices. Prior to enhanced campaigns, each device had its own budget.  Now, as you combine all devices into one budget, make sure there is plenty of spend available for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices in your single, enhanced campaign.  If the account has a limited spend, simply add up the three budgets for desktop, tablet, and mobile to create the new total budget.
  • Review all device specific campaigns and choose which existing campaign (desktop, tablet, or mobile) will be designated as the parent campaign in which all other devices will be combined. The campaign with the most history and the highest quality scores will maintain stable performance in the transition.  Don’t forget to pause the secondary device campaigns after you pick the parent to move forward.
  • Check to make sure that relevant device landing pages appear on the appropriate devices.  If the account uses tracking at the keyword level, insert the new {ifmobile:}{ifnotmobile:} parameter into the URL to direct Google where it should serve the landing page – to either a mobile or non-mobile device.  To do this, insert {ifmobile:}{ifnotmobile:} to the beginning of the landing page URLs designed for each device. This is not necessary if the site uses responsive web design, which already adapts pages across devices.  If the campaign doesn’t include mobile-specific ads, now is an excellent time to start thinking about creating mobile ads that speak to the desired conversion point for that device.  You can upload mobile preferred ads into your new enhanced campaigns so Google will show the appropriate ad for each device.


As our industry starts to prioritize mobile devices, it is important to familiarize yourself with Responsive Web Design. The Search Agency recently published a great white paper on Implementing Responsive Web Design, so check it out! 

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