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That’s A Wrap! Q2 2013 State of Paid Search Report

We recently published our Q2 2013 State of Paid Search Report, [1] detailing the latest results in paid search marketing within a 50+ page document including 80+ graphs! The report highlights trends across search engines, devices and eight industries, including: Business Services, Consumer Services, Financial Services, Real Estate and Construction, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Retail/eCommerce, and Travel and Leisure. Our sample included advertisers who had fifteen consecutive months of data with The Search Agency and an established and stable business model from Q2 2012 to Q2 2013.

Overall, our data demonstrates that YoY search volume experienced healthy growth—click traffic increased 5% and impressions increased 8% YoY.

TheSeachAgency_TIPS_SETotalClicks [2]

TheSeachAgency_TIPS_SETotalImpressions [3]

Across search engines, CTR behavior was rather similar: both search engines saw a spike during Q1 and then an average decrease of 20% during Q2. Additionally, Google’s CPCs grew significantly QoQ, with a 21% increase, while Bing’s CPCs remained relatively flat QoQ. This data may be a result of changes to Google’s matching algorithm and the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, as competition within the marketplace begins to increase.

TheSearchAgency_TIPS_GoogleBingCTR [4]

TheSearchAgency_TIPS_AverageCPCGraph [5]

Across devices, our analysis demonstrates that Bing’s quarterly growth in click share for smartphones and tablets grew more rapidly than Google’s, albeit from a lower starting base. From this, we see device adoption on Bing continues to grow, while Google’s device adoption remains steady. Declining CTR and increasing CPC is consistent across devices on Google, which suggests that Google’s growth is steady and demonstrates that there is no single device segment that is impacting overall performance more than the others.

For a more detailed look into the current state of Paid Search advertising, check out our comprehensive report [6].

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