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Early Access: Trends in Paid Search Q2 2013 Data and Analysis

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Every quarter, The Search Agency compiles data and analysis about trends in paid search to help advertisers determine how they can effectively take advantage of paid search advertising. The full report will be published later this week, but we are offering some sneak peeks atour data right here, right now:

This quarter Google CPCs were on the rise, with a 22% increase QoQ. In fact, Google’s CPC was up across all 3 devices types (desktop, tablet, and smartphone) with the largest jump taking place on tablets (26% QoQ). Historically, tablet CPCs on Google have been at a discount to desktop, but Q2 was the first quarter in which we have seen tablet CPCs at a premium to desktops.

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Why would CPCs be increasing across the board? Keith Wilson, VP of Agency Products, offers this insight:

“Obviously, something is changing on Google to create the market shift.  One possible scenario is an increase in competitive bidding resulting from the Enhanced Campaigns roll out.  With volume remaining consistent and advertisers beginning the shift over to the new paradigm and bidding format, some advertisers might be creating a competitive push on mobile CPCs, driving up overall CPCs.  While this might account for some of the influence, it is likely not the only contributing factor changing the Google CPC metric.”

For more industry analysis and complete data about the state of paid search, be sure to download our Trends in Paid Search Report Q2 2013 this Thursday from http://www.thesearchagency.com/classroom/research/ [4]

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