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New Options for Sitelink Specificity with Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Posted on Friday, June 21st, 2013 by Print This Post Print This Post

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Beginning on July 22, all Google AdWords campaigns will be upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns in an effort to help advertisers manage their advertisements across multiple devices without having to manage and maintain multiple campaigns.

This transition also provides an additional way for advertisers to control sitelink specificity within their ads. Advertisers who have migrated their accounts can opt to show two description lines with each of their sitelinks. Previously, AdWords transplanted this extra sitelinks copy automatically. Now, advertisers can suggest specific text to appear in sitelink descriptions from within their AdWords account. This enhances the level of control available.

Because greater specificity in sitelink descriptions can lead to higher click-through rates, this new feature has a lot of potential to help advertisers garner more clicks.

According to Matt Grebow, Sr. Manager of SEM, the extra text allowed in enhanced sitelinks will have a number of effects on marketers’ online campaigns—some good, some not-so-good. Matt offered these insights about enhanced sitelinks:

  • Ads with extra sitelink text are more prominent than other paid-search ads, which helps them stand out from competing ads that include non-enhanced sitelinks.
  • For a long time, sitelinks have provided a way for advertisers to offer searchers navigational choices, especially for general queries. This new feature will provide advertisers an easier way to hone their messages.
  • Google will still have the final say about whether sitelinks show up with extra text or not, which makes reporting on the performance of different sitelink formats difficult.

What has been your experience with the new sitelink options? We’d love to hear!

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