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Insights from the SMX Twitter Stream – 140 Character Bites from SMX London

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smx london

I spent last week at SMX London, a gathering of European search marketers and brands, learning and contributing to the development of better search and social practices and process.

The conference was abuzz with Google news, due to Matt Cutts’ (Google web spam team lead) announcements and the Google I/O conference taking place halfway around the world. And as an active participant in Twitter, I thought it would be valuable to share some of these live tweets to give insights into the presentation themes, all in bite–sized twitter chunks!

Note: I ended up being the most prolific of twitterers according to this cool infographic from vccpcontent.

SMX Tweets

Keynote – A Key Role For The Search Professional: Company Insight Wizard

@jimsterne talked across a broad range of data topics, narrowly avoiding the term “big data” by focusing on the necessary insights to become a “Company Wizard of Data” – Jim’s insights on data management, data segmentation and data presentation got a lot of nodding heads and follow ups to answer the question; “how do I prove the worth of what I’m doing?”

Here is a select stream of my tweets during Jim’s presentation:

  • Mechanics of data management is complex
  • Data needs to be segmented to live together
  • “You don’t have to know the question before you start storing data” – you can store and answer the questions that evolve
  • How to be a great analyst? #1 Understand the problem
  • HITS metrics – How Idiots Track Stuff – need better. Need specific goals with measurable results
  • There are only 3 business goals 1) Make money, 2) Save money, 3) Make customers happy
  • Data problem categories: 1) Repeatable, 2) To be solved, 3) Something to add to knowledge base for later
  • Segment the segments. Create offers. Decide medium. Create creative. Test. Test. Test.
  • Knowledge. Intelligence. Intuition. All enhanced by wine ☺

Key takeaway is no matter how you dig into the data, ultimately you’re paid for your insights and opinion. HAVE AN OPINION!

From Authorship To Authority: Why Claiming Your Identity Matters

smx blog post 1Authorship and authority were key components of the panel I had the pleasure of presenting on. Our panel consisted of Maile Ohye from Google, a popular and spunky speaker and face of Google webmaster videos, Chelsea Blacker of Blueglass UK, Jim Boykin, an Internet Ninja, and yours truly, representing Essex lads everywhere.

Maile talked a lot around how Google is looking a “web of people” as well as a “web of things”… was certainly interesting to see and hear a Google view on web ‘connections’ as handshakes to ensure identities could gain visibility.

Of course, the whole panel worked within the backdrop of Matt Cutts’ announcement on previous Monday: “We’re [Google] doing a better job of detecting when someone is sort of an authority in a specific space…and trying to make sure that those rank a little more highly if you’re some sort of authority…”

Here is a select stream of tweets from my presentation:

  • smx blog post 2@NosHeini Connect known entities to known identities. Not only links, build authority w/ trust by creating well-identified content
  • @kevgibbo Content is King – Authority Content is Kingier!
  • @louisventer Credibility comes from great content
  • @Tony_DWM When you make worthy content, you will gain your +1s, likes, tweets, shares
  • @louisventer focus on your area of expertise
  • @shahinfard Your digital footprint is important to how search engines and people see you.
  • @SandeepVadgama Matt Kong Cutts (@mattcutts)
  • @scotthague 5 rules for authorship 1. Claim & connect. 2. Build credibility 3.  Build your footprint 4. Follow the rules 5. Engage
  • @CharlieGirl3009 Great presentation from @simmonet with gorilla Matt Cutts
  • @soanders “Claim & connect all available profiles to enhance your Authorship. Now!” @simmonet with hat

Takeaway from the panelists:  Authorship will continue to be important (and perhaps become more important) for rankings, search results’ display visibility and click through rate! You can view the presentation here.
Killer Content Remains King, Queen and Ace

Next up on stage was a great mix of agency, tools, and search engine reps talking about the ever-popular topic of “Killer Content.”

It was great for a number of reasons:

  1. Vincent Wehren from Bing was very transparent on key ranking factors
  2. Chris Bennett gave some great case studies around “content marketing”
  3. Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO had some great content marketing tips (and jokes)
  4. Jonathan Stewart talked about ‘hero’ content as being key to content marketing success


  • Search engines are learning, using ‘good’ content signals ie popularity – links, social signals, click signals = trust signals
  • Recommending responsive as better user experience.
  • Search Engines are smart. Understand content through user signals


  • If you create something useful, might have reach and “halo effect / opportunity” of new content
  • Olympics “best thing England has done since the war” – from a content standpoint :-)
  • 1) you cannot be your own advocate 2) be prepared 3) create a plan 4) engagement is key


  • 3 types of content > 1) offsite 2) on site 3) hero
  • Hero content – and timeliness (are key)


  • don’t be a one hit wonder – content needs to be a process, strategy
  • be multifaceted in content marketing not all about links, traffic & branding too (and more)
  • Make your content interactive – Not just interactive infographics, but video, etc.
  • Using content to solve internal problems too! Internal content marketing = better communications


Star of the Show was definitely Justin Sanger whose intense performance was worthy of The Globe Theatre. Good information, presented as if the end of the world depended on it.

Some Twitter reaction:

smx blog post 3

  • Justin Sanger is very Andy Warhol
  • marketing implications of #Facebook #Graph – search social & crm converging
  • @justinsanger is aligned with engagement as “closing loop” signal of search experience & (my words) satisfaction of search query
  • @danielbianchini 30% of reviews will be fake by 2014, whilst 98% of reviews are coming from 2% of Yelpers. @justinsanger
  • Wow @justinsanger is intense! The end of the world is nigh. And it’s starting with search apparently #SearchArmageddon
  • Awesome, a little scary, but very engaging. RT @Robert_Deans: @simmonet I love his presenting style, it’s awesome @justinsanger
  • FB is still nascent – not enough “people signals” yet
  • A person’s Facebook page is their curated personality – they won’t post something they are not proud of – @justinsanger
  • Only 7% of WOM activity is currently happening online. Pretty small amount.  #socialmedia
  • @CharlieGirl Oscar winning performance from @justinsanger
  • @nmvalente Enough said by @justinsanger


For more twitter insights and fun, follow me @simmonet or Google+

About Grant Simmons

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As an entrepreneur, Grant has been key to the successful branding, development and launch of several thriving and innovative Internet startups.

Described as an online marketing strategist, motivator, entrepreneur, idea machine, experienced bridge between marketing & technology, Grant prefers; father, sailor & innovator - though not necessarily in that order when there's a fair wind.

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