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5 SEO Gifts for the Mommy Blogger in Your Life

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with the best gift of all… better SEO! Here are a few SEO treats for mommy bloggers:

1. Say it with flowers

Your mom always told you to “tell it like it is” so this Mother’s Day, give back by engaging with your audience. Say it with blog-like blooms; a post, a tweet, comment, reply or favorite inspiring quote.

The key is not to be the wall flower.  Your readers (and wannabe readers) want to hear what you have to say… so don’t disappoint, inspire and connect, and grab that +1 (and perhaps a rosy review) or a job well done!

2. Life is a box of chocolates

No mom refuses a box of delicious Belgium chocs, but as Forrest Gump famously said, “you never know what you’re going to get!”

Use that thought to provide something unique and a nice surprise for your audience. Instead of the story or tip you were going to tell, why not mix it up with a video, slideshow or “breaking news’ special?

Everyone likes a surprise in their chocolates, so give ‘em a taste that will have ‘em craving more!

3. Hand-drawn card

Remember how you felt getting or giving the home-made or school-made card that normally featured a big red heart and enough glitter to put Lady Gaga to shame? That’s because it was crafted by hand, with love, and delivered with a genuine smile. Maybe it wasn’t a Hallmark special, but it gained a special spot on the fridge until at least Halloween! Find a special spot in your reader’s hearts by creating a special piece of content that connects emotionally. Give genuinely and you’ll find you’ll loved just as much as that big red heart!

4. A night off

Every mom deserves a night off, but it’s true you can’t always find a babysitter for a night out or a night in. Your Mother’s Day time off doesn’t need any teen sitter angst or $25 out of pocket, simply use technology to give yourself some  time. Grab Hootsuite (free) and schedule a post or two while you soak in the tub, sip your wine, or catch up on that TV series you never have time for!”

Scheduling posts isn’t something that replaces a well-planned editorial calendar, but it does show search engines your blog is still alive and well, allowing you to enjoy the comfy chair and a DVR full of Downton Abbey.

5. Breakfast in bed

It doesn’t matter how messy the kitchen is afterwards, the gratitude in an extra hour in bed far outweighs the burnt toast, spilled OJ, and knife down the garbage disposal.

The perfect gift for the busy mom comes in the form of that same “breakfast in bed” feeling as you extend an invitation to a friend or colleague to guest post. Having a different voice once in a while can provide additional discussion points, inspire interaction and drive additional engagement; all while someone else is doing the work!

Don’t feel guilty as you lay back nibbling the equivalent of blog bacon, you deserve a day off once in a while!

Don’t forget the most special woman in the world this Mother’s Day! The gift of a few SEO tips, is the gift that keeps on giving!!

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    Thanks for the inshigt. It brings light into the dark!


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