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The Search Agency Evaluates Celebrity Reach via “CoolRank”

oprah Recently, we measured the engagement from popular celebrities and developed a rank factor that our analysts calculated based on: number of twitter followers, number of Youtube video views, number of Facebook fans, and a factor we call Holistic Average Interaction Response that measures the velocity of mentions/retweets, content media and follicular growth. We monitored over 100 celebrities from Oprah to Vanessa Hudgens and were able to accurately predict the virility of their posts, tweets and blogs. This will be of considerable use to SEOs seeking better distribution of their content, backed by known personalities and their networks. With the recent Google updates and adoption of Authorship to help define authority of authors and site owners, The Search Agency sees CoolRank as being a major factor in influencing conversations. Matt Cutts, Google head of webspam would not answer our emails, but his unknown associate noted, "CoolRank is a serious effort to quantify both the reach and influence of celebrities. It can scale logarithmically to reflect a sphere of influence, visibility and spreadability of celebrity content. Google cannot comment on future projects, but we find this type of difficult-to-game factor of interest." image The Search Agency blind-tested 3 types of media across 100 celebrities and found a +- 92% correlation with an inversely proportional factoring to CoolRank. Although not definitive, nor tested on laboratory animals, we feel this correlation underscores the value and usage of CoolRank as a potential content/influence ranking factor in Social (Facebook Graph Search), Twitter trends, Google SERP and Bing's melange of search & social results. Starting today, The Search Agency will be scaling the test to include over 4113 samples of content from close to 300 celebrities.  We anticipate the research to be complete in Q3 2013, with the findings offering significant insights into celebrity influence, value, coiffure and reach. Connect with Grant on Google+ Grant Simmons+ [1]