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Measuring Social Media Marketing ROI with Hootsuite’s Command Center

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The Super Bowl, WrestleMania and last November’s US Presidential Election. What is the connection between these three major occasions, besides sweaty men rutting for victory?

Each event used the Hootsuite Command Center, an online social media measurement instrument that enables users to monitor social mentions from one large data-crunching central hub. If this inspires visions of Ed Harris looking pleased with himself in his black beret in The Truman Show, mastering a multi-screen behemoth of digital technology, then… we share identical visualizations.

Hootsuite’s launch (at the tail end of 2012) aims to propel new sources of income and drive visibility for clients. The Command Center enables users to extract the best value from their range of social media campaigns. The inevitable increase in transparency of agency work on a client’s social media platforms enforces a streamlined management of social strategy and activity. Essentially, the Command Center facilitates social media teams to control and react to all relevant online activity in real time.

Hootsuite responded to a growing trend of companies developing their own, in-house, ‘command centres’. So why is Hootsuite’s effort any better than the rest? The answer is two-fold. First, Hootsuite is the father of social media management dashboards and second, and more importantly, the new centre supports an all-inclusive approach to social media in tune with latest holistic advances to online marketing.

Business customers can access the Hootsuite Command Center as an add-on with the Hootsuite Enterprise package. Realistically, the scale of this social media dashboard will – for now – only be useful for ‘larger’ clients. The Command Center presents large scale organisations with real-time response, which is vital in order to stay ahead of the pack. The Command Center could become a focal point of communication and information sharing across different teams in the same organization; teams will be able to execute campaigns across the same social media dashboard. The convenience of the Command Center integrates market research, disaster management, and trending topics into one visually appealing panel. So will this Command Center remain exclusively practical to larger companies and agencies?

Take a look at the recent deployments of the Command Center during the Super Bowl XLVII, the US Election or the recent wrestling extravaganza, WrestleMania. They impressively compare social media presence of the contending teams, opposing candidates and competing grapplers. A casual browse of the page gives an indication of popularity (Facebook likes), relevancy (social media mentions – ‘talking about this’) and displays the appropriate organisation’s latest Tweets. Another feature exhibits current sentiment towards rival participants. It is interesting to observe that the predominant emotions of Twitter users directed to Barack Obama are (at the time of writing) ‘sadness/grief’ and ‘anger and loathing’. Perhaps the impact of fiscal profligacy and debt has started to take hold of Twitter users?

The Super Bowl and US Presidential Election campaigns have proven that Hootsuite is playing with the big boys. A dashboard that focuses on analytics which measure the impact of social media on politics and sport is the latest step in social media management. As Ben Watson, VP of Marketing at Hootsuite, remarks: ‘It is the digital equivalent of a cheering crowd leading up to the big event.  If we can keep an aggregate view of how people are talking about the Super Bowl, the committee can react better to trends’. It represents an opportunity for businesses to comprehensively measure their social ROI and provides an immediately accessible gauge for KPIs. It is likely this multi-platform Command Center will expand to monitor crises, analyse market trends (see 2012 Holiday Tracker) and cover other social events, all with the purpose of amplifying the benefits of social engagement.

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  1. I have never used this :/
    Will Surely give a try to this software to measure my social performance and ROI.

    Is it free or paid??


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