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Google Changes Its Enhanced Campaign Tune… Slightly

Posted on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 by Print This Post Print This Post

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After a lot of Enhanced Campaigns fuss circulating throughout the online marketing industry, it seems that Google might be giving advertisers a (small) break. At least for now.

Google recently announced that ad-group-level mobile bid adjustments will be available for Enhanced Campaigns starting in mid-May, giving advertisers more control and precision over their AdWords campaigns. However, Google’s original Enhanced Campaigns announcement (February 2013) did not allow advertisers this degree of control over their campaigns—instead, advertisers were forced to compile their campaigns into one account that would reach users across all devices. It seems that the search giant may have started listening to advertiser complaints asking for more control over mobile campaigns. In their recent announcement, Google stated the change will “be useful if you’ve been operating large scale campaigns and found that your optimal bids for some keywords would require significantly different mobile bid adjustments within an enhanced campaign.” Their announcement also announced that the automatic migration date to Enhanced Campaigns has been pushed back to July 22.

Senior Manager of SEM, Matt Grebow says: “Underpinning the shift to Enhanced Campaigns is Google’s rationale that there must be a simpler way to segment ads by device and other behavioral dimensions. However, limiting bid adjustments to the campaign level would have forced many advertisers to segregate important keywords, which could have bloated search accounts and added and made managing budgets more complex. In effect, just the opposite of Google’s stated goal. And although many advertisers would probably love to continue setting device bids, by keyword, allowing ad-group adjustments is a welcome compromise.”

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  1. It’s good to get a fresh way of looking at it.


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