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Why Should Users Click on YOUR Search Result?

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Why should users click on your search result?

If you have never asked yourself this question, your search engine optimization efforts are likely struggling. In the current landscape, it is not enough to simply optimize your results for visibility—marketers must consider how to effectively address search intent, capture user attention, and inspire users to click on their link. If you feel lost or confused about how you can distinguish your brand’s search results with the search engine results page (SERP), fret no more. These seven strategies will help to increase your organic search clicks and improve user engagement with your brand.

How to Get People to Engage (Click)

  1. Build a brand! Build off-site awareness and leverage offsite promotions—creating associations and affiliations—inspires users to click through when they see your name (and Google loves brands!)
  2. Pay attention to the title tag and meta description of your page. Do these components tell users what they will get from the click? And do you differentiate what you offer from what your competitor offers? Be sure to perform SERP research to guide our title tag and meta description!
  3. Core optimization is key. It is important to consider elements beyond your on-page optimization and in-code tag optimization. Be sure to consider your site structure, internal linking and how people navigate your site to help create create breadcrumbs in your search results.
  4. Are you using rich snippets? Google will like you more if you do... they even give you the tools to make it easier to see how well you're doing! Markup your data!
  5. Authorship is a buzzword, but an important one! Google tells you how, and I suggest you run – don't walk – to implement... and then write some great content!
  6. Think multimedia! Especially around explanations of products, services or expertise. Create video and image assets, tag them, caption them, *optimize* them and promote them!
  7. Review the SERP! Having a great looking result is one thing, having the best looking result can bring you more and better traffic. Review often. Tweak. Test. Engage!

Although this article can only scratch the surface of SERP engagement, ask yourself the when, where, what and how. Starting with: How will I improve SERP engagement with click-worthy results?

For more information, examples and details about optimizing your organic search clicks, check out: 7 Ways to Get More Organic Search Clicks on Search Engine Watch.

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