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h(Paid): Guiding Your Paid Media Marketing Campaigns with Meaningful Analytics

Posted on Friday, March 8th, 2013 by Print This Post Print This Post

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We have one final point to hit home with our h(Paid) blog series: the undeniable importance of analytics.

Analytics is the fifth component of our holistic approach to paid media marketing, but truthfully, analytics is incorporated into each of the previous components of h(Paid).  Targeting, creative, engagement, and optimization efforts are deeply rooted and dependent on a marketing teams’ ability to base their strategies on specific data from past analyses.

We know that consumers now

utilize a wide range of resources to guide their purchase decision—including television commercials, online search and advertisements, social media, and comparison shopping sites—and tracking their interaction with these resources provides critical insight into how channels, devices, and ad formats can influence the consumer decision journey. However, many marketing professionals lack the tools and technology to track consumer behavior throughout the decision journey and therefore, struggle to inform their marketing strategy with meaningful data.

Our holistic approach to paid media marketing relies on a closed-loop, cross-channel measurement strategy that uses conversion data from each stage of the consumer decision journey to inform planning, buying, creative, and optimization activities. In effect, marketers are better able to drive new business and nurture existing relationships with customers, as well as adjust budgets and resources more effectively.

h(Paid) is a new approach to managing paid media marketing efforts that better equips marketers to reach their target audience with relevant ad experiences that coincide with their stage in the consumer decision journey. While many marketing professionals continue to segment and silo their marketing campaigns by channels, devices, and ad format, h(Paid) coordinates marketing goals and establishes synergy across channels.

To learn more about putting h(Paid) into practice, download our whitepaper – h(Paid):  A Holistic Approach to Paid Media Marketing

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