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Are Enhanced Campaigns Keeping You Awake at Night?

enhanced campaigns [1]

By now, nearly everyone has heard about Google’s impending migration to Enhanced Campaigns [2]. And in a lot of ways, Enhanced Campaigns has become synonymous with words like “dreadful”, “frightening” and “icantdothisonmyown” (sure, the last word is not real, but it is definitely a real emotion).

In all seriousness, Enhanced Campaigns present a considerable challenge for marketing professionals of all sizes. After the  June 2013 deadline, Enhanced Campaigns will consolidate all device targeting and geographic targeting under one campaign; and advertisers will only be able to target two device groups: smartphones and tablets/desktops. These changes to campaign structure, device targeting and geo-location targeting will require marketing professionals to take methodical action to ensure that campaign performance is not lost nor harmed during the transition.

With such vast changes to Google’s AdWords platform, marketing professionals will have to restructure or recreate their marketing strategies…and quickly! We’ve outlined the specific strategies that will be affected by Enhanced Campaigns below:

Although the transition will help simplify advertising initiatives across channels and devices in the long run, Enhanced Campaigns pose a significant threat to search marketing campaign performance. However, the appropriate resources and team can eliminate most, if not all, harm and negative impact. For actionable steps to migrate your campaign(s) seamlessly, check out our whitepaper: Google’s Enhanced Campaigns: How to Minimize Negative Impact and Execute a Successful Migration [3].

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