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Super Bowl Recap – A Small Budget Can Go A Long Way

Hey little brands, get off of your couches and get into the game!

After watching another year where top brands did not take the time to extend their big super bowl commercial buy into search, I would tell all brands not buying air time during and after the game to do the following:

  1. Get a list of all brands buying spots – Do a search. The list is there days if not weeks in advance.
  2. See if any of your competitors are advertising and put up an ad.
  3. You should cover their brand term as well as brand + super bowl + commercial or ad.
  4. If you want bonus points, you can drive users with Sitelinks to your own commercial on YouTube if it exists, to a splash page with a big super bowl promotion, or to your social media sites.

There was loads of traffic to be found. It’s time to get clever and see how you can attract viewers that go searching for the world’s biggest brands:

Just think of all the people who typed in “super bowl halftime show” or”halftime show 2013.”  The chart below shows how these terms trended over the last 7 days, pulled from Google Trends.

 mike [1]

There are numerous opportunities out there for smart and nimble advertisers. A small budget can go a long way. Why spend the big dollars on producing a commercial and  multi-million dollar ad space, when you can simply skim off the top and squat on their traffic for a fraction of the cost? Even some of the advertisers that had spots were buying each other’s brands. Other than a low quality score and a relatively high cost per click, there are no barriers to entry.

To make the most of this I would recommend some type of hook. Put up an ad campaign that sends the message “rather than spend millions of dollars on a Super Bowl commercial, we decided to take that money and give you a great deal on buying our product.”  Pump this up with video assets in YouTube, a splash page

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in search and social media, Sitelinks to highlight the promotion, and finally a re-marketing campaign in the days following the Super Bowl to extend the reach and frequency.

These are great days to be the small fish in the big pond. Take advantage!