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Searching for Super Bowl Sunday

SuperBowl2013 [1]


Last year 41% of people watching the Super Bowl also had their smartphones out as a second screen.  What were they doing?  Well, my guess is a combination of things:

The common theme in all of this is of course, Search!! 

As I referenced in A New Breed of “Super-Consumers” [2], consumer behavior has been forever changed by smartphones.  The biggest change in the past year has been the further consumption of tablets which is again shifting consumer behavior.  The big story this year we will be looking out for this year during the Super Bowl is how consumers use tablets and smartphones as buy viagra online [3] a second, or simultaneous screen during the game.  We also want to see which advertisers planned ahead [4]and created Super Bowl campaigns that incorporate TV and digital.


We will be watching, will you?

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