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h(Paid): Creating Relevance with Your Audience

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Although online search is becoming increasingly accurate, there are still a handful of times where I find myself digging for relevant results or adjusting my search query to find information that matches my search intent.  I realize that search engines and comparison shopping sites can’t read my mind (yet!), the occasional inability to find relevant search results based on long-tail queries, location, or even channels and devices is surprising. As a millennial, I am accustomed to performing searches that supply accurate results quickly. Isn’t this the 21st century? Shouldn’t I be able to find information about nearly everything on the InternetThe second component of h(Paid) [2]creative, aims to do just that: provide consumers with highly relevant results by aligning ad creative with consumer intent across paid media channels.

Segmenting target audiences into granular subsections and tailoring ad content to the search objectives of each group enables marketing professionals to provide their target audiences with highly relevant ad experiences. For instance, a consumer who performs a search for “LCD televisions” on a desktop is likely performing preliminary research to guide their purchase decision and should be served a different ad experience than a consumer who searches for “Buy LCD television” on a mobile phone. The latter individual is more than likely reaching the end of their consumer decision journey and should therefore be served ads that promote local stores, the store phone number, and current sales/promotions. In contrast, the consumer who is performing online research on their desktop computer is not quite ready to buy but is looking for customer reviews, price comparisons and warranty information to guide his purchase decision. The subtle difference between queries and device use reveals valuable information about consumers’ stage in the decision journey and provides marketers with valuable information about how to tailor their paid media marketing efforts to correspond with consumer intent.

Leveraging granular audience targets —broken down by device, channel, ad formats, etc.— and creating content based on user intent, enables marketers to provide relevant search results and drive engagement with the brand. Using this approach across channels bridges the gap between consumer behaviors and brands’ marketing efforts and enables marketers to provide more relevant ad experiences.

Tomorrow we will continue to explore this holistic approach to paid media [3] and detail the next component

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of h(Paid): Engagement.

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