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Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

enhanced [1]

Today, Google announced [2] Enhanced Campaigns, a new product enhancement to AdWords. As always, when Google has

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something to say, we listen. Then we write a POV [4] on the topic.

What is Enhanced Campaigns?

Basically, it's a new product enhancement for AdWords that creates a scalable system that changes the way campaigns are managed across multiple devices. The new release provides dimensional bid and ad targeting at the campaign level, which reduces keyword/match type duplication across different campaigns. Although tablets will not be a targeted device in search, it will be so in display. The release is a huge shift in segmentation strategy because it enables advertisers to segment keywords to smartphones for performance measurement, but will NOT allow for segmentation of tablet separate from desktop.

Removal of Tablet Targeting

With Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers will no longer be able to separate tablet devices from desktops. Performance gains realized from tablet segmentation will no longer be supported.

But, this change is really staying in line with Google's SEO best practices: web design should be responsive with the ability to adjust to device specific resolutions. As a result, marketers need to be more vigilant than ever that their desktop design render on tablets since advertisers can no longer exclude tablet traffic. Websites that utilize flash will encounter challenges on tablet devices, but this is not news.

How does Enhanced Campaigns work?
Enhanced Campaigns brings three revamped product features into AdWords designed to enable easier device management.

To learn more about Enhanced Campaigns and how they will affect your AdWords account, download our full POV whitepaper [4].