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Actionable Search Marketing Dashboards for Google Analytics

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Time is a luxury that we don’t often have. So we need to make the most of our time wherever possible. It’s not about taking short cuts on work, but rather shortening the path to get results.

Analytics can be a time consuming monster . . . in fact it should be for digital marketers. But if there was a way to get the most important data right off the bat, it could get you to answers and insights faster. One of the most welcoming additions to the new Google Analytics interface was that of custom Dashboards. Now you can create multiple Dashboards featuring up to 12 widgets containing many different data combinations and display options. You can filter, use advanced segments, and configure the layout as you please. Boom – you now have a way to quickly diagnose issues or concerns and

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you can now dig deeper.

This presents digital marketers with a great tool to view what you view as important. It just so happens for us, Search Marketing (SEO & SEM) are a key focus and we have created two Dashboards, one for SEO and one for SEM. Before we jump into what is contained within each dashboard, I’d like to lay out our reasoning behind what is contained in these dashboards.

So many people associate Search Marketing with keywords. Sure, keywords are the beginning of the search experience, but they are not everything. Post click is often forgotten about when people optimize and analyze. It is very important to understand how people interact with your site once they arrive. The Dashboards that we created combine pre and post click data to allow you to see how people arrive at your site and what they do once they get there. Using this information you can measure, analyze, and gain insights prior to making changes to your campaigns. Now onto the Dashboards:


SEO Dashboard

1)      Landing page analysis compares the top 10 landing pages by visits, conversions and bounces respectively.

2)      Visitor growth analysis and opportunities:

3)      Search term Analysis by conversion and site interaction

Add the SEO Dashboar [3]d to your Google Analytics Account. (Make sure you’re logged into Analytics to get the dashboard!)


SEM Dashboard

1)      Landing Page Analysis: The top landing pages should also have the highest conversion rate and the lowest bounce rate.

2)      Visitor growth analysis and opportunities

3)      Search term Analysis by conversion and site interaction

Add the SEM Dashboard [4] to your Google Analytics Account. (Again, make sure you’re logged in!)

Our hope is that fellow digital marketers will find these Dashboards as useful as we have so far. Add these dashboards to your profile and let us know what you think.  As always, we appreciate feedback and discussion.