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Google’s Multi-Colour Mishap

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Earlier this month, Google allowed us the first glimpse into the multi coloured innards of the world’s largest search engine. My question is… did they accidentally let their guard down just a little too much?

Over inflation of the Facebook share price was anticipated, but the premature release of Google’s third quarter earnings resulted in a -1% close of the NASDAQ on Thursday and suspension of Google trading.

Dramatic? Yes. Surprising? No.

After Google’s last quarter results, reporting losses a recovery seemed optimistic. Speculation pointed to lost earnings in the Paid Search arena (the fourth-straight quarter of declines) or the punchy decision to purchase Motorola Mobility. Either way, one has to wonder if the powers that be at other major search engines spent the weekend re-strategising based on an opportunity in the market that was not so apparent at the beginning of the week.

The past few weeks have seen articles across our financial press and industry sites alike “calling a day” to the hopes and dreams of Yahoo shareholders and highlighting the fact that Google overtook Microsoft as the second largest tech company, but within the search community one suspects there’s a bit of a rumble.

Happily the world woke up to the over inflation of the Facebook share price after its launch, and perhaps the digital investor is becoming somewhat wiser. With that arises the opportunity for the second-tier search engines and the shareholders alike.

After the “dead cat bounce” of Google stocks a couple weeks ago, speculation across financial sites presented the opportunity to purchase Google shares in the dip, but where does the opportunity really lie? As a seasoned SEO, I’m hoping that this shaking up of the search giant will also see the other sleeping search giants waking up. I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on how BingHoo reacts, and not just from a share price point of view. Surely it’s time to pull out all the stops and show the search engine market that this is not just a one horse race?

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