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Google Instant – Election Edition

Many of us are election crazy these days. We’re turning to the black hole of the internet to satiate our paparazzi-esque desires to consume, learn, and share information about all things politics.

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res/instant/about.html” target=”_blank”>Google Instant is a quick way to figure out the “hot searches” around a particular term. This means that your Google Instant is influenced by breaking news and political issues that change long tail keyword searches.

Of course we have better tools like Google Trends [2] to better approximate search volume and insights, but it’s interesting to see the quick version of what other users are searching. Some searches show that people are directly looking to politicians’ Twitter accounts, previewing the hot button political issues, while others just want to know about a politician’s religion or sexual orientation.

Below are screenshots of some of my favorite Google Instant predictions for present and past politician names, taken from my desktop while signed out (Google Instant serves different results when you’re on mobile [3]).


President/Vice President Candidates






Cabinet/White House Staff (present and past)







Senate (present and past)






House of Representatives (present and past)






Governors (present and past)





Exhausted? You should be. Now go read something about the election that matters [24].

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