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DMA 2012 Lessons: Pinterest Is Good for B2B



I’m blogging live from Las Vegas from the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) 2012 Conference [2]. I came in yesterday with our Business Development Manager, Monica, so that we could set up our exhibition booth. It was a busy a day and it felt like everyone was getting settled.

Amidst introducing myself to as many people as possible, I was able to make it to a really great session on Pinterest. It seemed fitting seeing as I have written about it all year [3]. The session was called, “Social Face-Off: Should Every Company Use Pinterest.”

Interesting! This is a huge debate amongst social nerds, and it was very cool to see so many B2B attendees interested in learning about the platform. Although it is a little more challenging, Pinterest can be a successful tool for B2B brands; it’s not just for B2Cers. The panel seemed a little divided when an attendee specifically asked about this.

Orli LeWinter, Director of Social Strategy at 360i, thinks that it’s not necessarily the best tool for B2B. She suggests that if a company does not have a visually compelling product, or story to tell, then it might not be the right platform for the brand.

Sharad Veram, CEO and Cofounder of Pinfluencer [4], disagreed with Orli. He believes that a story can be told from any product or service, but some take a little more work and creativity.

The one thing the panel did agree on was that if you are going to use Pinterest, it’s important to commit yourself to the time it takes to create a breadth of compelling content. The absolute worst mistake you can make is creating a graveyard of boards. Don’t go setting up a bunch of boards without a plan for how to use them. It could very much hurt your brand to have customers find your halfhearted account.

Stay tuned for more insight from Orli and Sharad on the next episode of our podcast Search and Destroy [5]!

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