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DMA 2012 Lessons: Mobile is Growing And We Need To Track It

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Well it’s my last day here at DMA 2012, and I’m excited to talk to even more new people, and attend a couple more sessions before I fly home. As I alluded to yesterday [2], I attended a session called “Mobile Meets ROI: Demystifying Campaign performance.”

Not only is mobile a hot topic, but for anyone at The Search Agency, attribution to ROI is what really counts. I was surprised to find myself as one of only four attendees at this round table session. Two of the other people were from the same company, and I was the only female. Hello?? Why wasn’t everyone clamoring to get in?

Anyway, the two leaders of the session were from Velti Mobile [3], a full mobile marketing solution. They were great speakers, who spoke The Search Agency language of DATA DATA DATA. Here were the key takeawys:

Some Facts – In 2015:

4 Things People Use Mobile For:

Mobile is the most diverse media channel. There are many other sub channels like:

The Media Planner’s Dilemma:

Mobile allows for the capability to interact with a site in more ways than desktop does. This makes it more difficult, but also more imperative to track every interaction and attribute it to a specific campaign, so that you can truly measure success.

Display, paid search, and SEO all want a piece of the mobile pie, but they are quickly realizing that they will all need to work together on a holistic approach to see real success across all channels.

Most importantly: If you don’t have a mobile optimized site, your consumers WILL leave.

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