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DMA 2012 Lessons: Determine Your Consumer Decision Journey!


  Hello again! Still here live blogging from DMA 2012 in Vegas. We got done with round table lunch sessions just about an hour ago, and everyone is bustling around the exhibition hall. I had the pleasure of sitting in on two round table sessions, but unfortunately was only able to eat one lunch. A session entitled "Mobile Meets ROI: Demystifying Campaign Performance" caught my eye for obvious reasons. Mobile? ROI? Campaign Performance? That spelled The Search Agency. However, you'll have to wait patiently as I will shed a little more light on that session later. The other session I was able to attend was hosted by our very own VP Agency Product, Keith Wilson [2]. He had a full house of eager listeners as he broke down The Search Agency's philosophy and strategy behind the Consumer Decision Journey. If you weren't able to attend, here are the key takeaways:

Approach to Driving Conversions:

4 Major Points in the Consumer Decision Journey:

  1. Consideration: Educate and Build Authority
  2. Evaluate: Differentiate Your Brand
  3. Convert: Take Action
  4. Experience and Advocate: Evangelize

Key Takeaways: