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Yahoo! Who Becomes Yahoo! Bing Who?


Binghoo announced [1] the rebranding and/or renaming of their ad network to Yahoo! Bing Network.

Though a primarily Earned Media chap, I did have a few words of advice to Google’s largest competitor. “What???????

From the announcement: “Today we are pleased to introduce you to the Yahoo! Bing Network, the new official name for our combined search marketplace. It reflects the commitment of both Microsoft and Yahoo! to bring you a broad, high-value, and engaged audience that helps grow your business.

My branding hat says this is a confusing mess, while my corporate politics hat says this is a brand reinforcement play from Marissa Mayer [2],  Google’s ex and Yahoo!’s current #1 employee.

I’d like a show of hands… how many of you can say the new name “Yahoo! Bing Network” without tripping over the words, or trying to give it a cool new abbreviation? (Especially given the exclamation point!)

*My* point exactly.

Although I wish these guys the best of luck in their head on race with Google, I’m not sure a name change – and a confusing one at that – is the optimal path to success.

What do the search folks out there think?