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Pinsights From Pinerly

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Its only been two years since Pinterest debuted as a brand new social networking site, but it has already gained a top position as one of the five most successful social platforms to date and is 38th most popular website in the world.

Across 14 million domains, referral traffic from Pinterest in May 2012 was 30% higher than from Twitter. And 80 percent of the top 15 Pinterest categories are connected to commerce.

Organisations and brands from various different industry sectors have adopted Pinterest as one of their key marketing channels, making creative use of the platform.

From driving traffic to their websites to creating awareness of their businesses or events, Pinterest has been used in many innovative ways.

Hugo Boss recently created a Pinterest Campaign called ‘Repin & Win’ to promote the HUGO Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2013 in Berlin. The Boston Celtics also created a ‘Pin It To Win It’ contest which asked fans to create a Pinterest Board on their own accounts, encouraging followers to ‘Pin’ pictures from the Celtics Online Store website.

While at one end there are brands and companies producing compelling and creative Pinterest campaigns to engage their users, there are also those who are developing a Pinterest Analytics Dashboard to better equip brands and marketers with the tools to help monitor the success of their campaigns.

Pinerly is one such Pinterest Analytics Tool which is still in beta stages. Their website says ‘Smart Visual Content Marketing for social media sites – starting with Pinterest’ which essentially means that they do not want to limit themselves to Pinterest.

The Pinerly Team was kind enough to give The Search Agency early access to this new tool, allowing us to explore their awesome dashboard.

Pinerly’s design is very similar to that of Pinterest and it’s very simple to navigate across the dashboard.

Pinerly allows you to create campaigns which are individual pins generated from within the dashboard, so that their stats can be tracked.

It’s a ‘three-simple-steps’ process to setup a campaign and an analytics dashboard.

Step 1. Like the Pinterest web interface, you can create campaign pins from a web link or you can choose to upload a file from your computer.

Step 2. Add the link (the URL you want to direct users to) and a description.

Bonus* – The tool also allows you to add some cool effects to your picture (that is one feature that we think Pinterest should be working on).

Step 3.  Click ‘Pinerly It’ and it sends you over to Pinterest, letting you choose the board you want the pin to go to. Once back on Pinerly hit the ‘I Pinned It’ button to begin tracking.

It also offers you three different ways to analyse the campaign metrics:

Overview: This shows you the snapshot of all the campaigns with the total number of clicks, likes and repins. It also gives you the total reach of the campaigns; the total of all the people who follow your boards where the image was pinned. The dashboard lets you filter the stats by accounts, which means you can attach more than one Pinterest account to the dashboard.


Pinalytics: For each campaign the dashboard provides you with a neat little graph showing the clicks for each day. You can also filter by days.


Top Campaigns: The Dashboard also shows you the top performing campaigns with a snapshot of the pin, its description and the target URL. It shows you the clicks, likes and repin count as well as the reach for each campaign.


Coming Soon on Pinerly

There are some interesting things that Pinerly has in its product roadmap:

For Publishers: Pinerly aims to create a platform that will help publishers make money from helping others spread their content!

For Advertisers: Pinerly also wants to help advertisers promote their content across other social networks to engage their target audience.

In a nutshell, Pinerly aims to create a platform that brings publishers and advertisers together to mutually benefit each other and to achieve their online goals.


And what WE love about Pinerly:

Tracking Multiple Pinterest Accounts: What makes this dashboard a great tool for a brand is that you can track campaigns from multiple Pinterest accounts from one Pinerly account or dashboard.

Bookmarklet: It’s not only an Analytics Dashboard, it’s also a browser plugin (bookmarklet) that lets you pin pictures directly from any webpage through your Pinerly account so that you can track them later.

The Pinerly ‘Tip’ Snippet: On the dashboard you will find cool tips that cover the entire spectrum of marketing via Pinterest; from optimising your account for SEO to engaging your target audience with compelling content.

We’re really excited about the way social media analytics are evolving as more and more startups develop newer tools to measure the effectiveness of social media marketing.

If you have any interesting tips about Pinerly that we’ve missed out or if there is another tool that has caught your fancy, let us know.

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  1. Love the write up, thanks so much for the tips on Pinerly. I love the service.


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