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Our Celebrity Crush Bacon Number Round-Up


Yesterday Google gave us all a serious gift with the new Bacon Number [2] search functionality. The popular game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon [3], is now a fun way to waste even more time on the Internet. At least Google was smart enough to keep people on the SERP pages. More eyeballs for advertisements people!

Although in the short amount of time since its debut, it’s already receiving criticisms [4]. Apparently this Bacon Number isn’t as accurate as the previously used site The Oracle of Bacon [5] because Google’s search uses the Knowledge Graph instead of The Oracle’s IMDB [6] source. Looks as though the Knowledge Graph has some pop culture kinks to work out before this Bacon Number can really be looked at with any KLOUT [7].

However, the employees at The Search Agency [8] agree that this still made out week, despite the kinks. Check out the list of our favorite celebrities’ Bacon Number.

David Waterman, Director of SEO and Content

Tom Green’s Bacon number is 2

Tom Green [9] and Chris Penn [10] appeared in Stealing Harvard [11].
Chris Penn [10] and Kevin Bacon [12] appeared in Footloose [13].

“It should be obvious. The man is a comedic genius who’s epic film, Freddy Got Fingered, was grossly underrated (although it was highly hated by critics). He embodies the weirdness of life that I enjoy so much.”

Grant Simmons, Director of SEO and Social Product

Michael Caine’s Bacon number is 2

Michael Caine [14] and James McAvoy [15] appeared in Gnomeo and Juliet [16].
James McAvoy [15] and Kevin Bacon [12] appeared in X-Men: First Class [17].

“Michael Caine was the gentleman’s gentleman, with just a touch of rogue – definitely influenced and reflects my formative years”

Barbara Palmer, President

Kevin Bacon’s Bacon number is 0  [WHAT?? Get it together Knowledge Graph! He should score the highest!–editor’s note]

“I know him. Does that count? :)”

Joe Reynolds, Associate Creative Editor, Paid Search

Jared Leto’s Bacon number is 2
Jared Leto [18] and Sean Penn [19] appeared in The Thin Red Line [20].
Sean Penn [19] and Kevin Bacon [12] appeared in Mystic River [21].

“He’s cooler, more talented, and more handsome than I’ll ever be, and also leverages his fame to support/bring awareness to causes without sounding like a huge douche. Also, I’ve generally liked all his movies (Requiem For A Dream, Fight Club, Prefontaine, The Thin Red Line, American Psycho, etc.) as well as his characters in those movies. 30 Seconds to Mars was a pretty cool band back in the day too…he’s the man!”

Taylor deDiego, Associate Marketing Manager

Zooey Deschanel’s Bacon number is 2

Zooey Deschanel [22] and Sarah Jessica Parker [23] appeared in Failure to Launch [24].
Sarah Jessica Parker [23] and Kevin Bacon [12] appeared in Footloose [13].

“I’m a fan of Zooey Deschanel because she is quirky and wears cute dresses. Plus, I relate to her love for vintage-y things and 500 Days of Summer is one of my favorite movies. “

Shaan Bose, Senior Analyst, Credit and Revenue

Helen Mirren’s Bacon number is 2

Helen Mirren [25] and James McAvoy [15] appeared in The Last Station [26].
James McAvoy [15] and Kevin Bacon [12] appeared in X-Men: First Class [17].

“Shaan loves Helen because his favorite movie in the world is The Queen, and he watches it at home alone every Sat night.” – Submitted by Jessica Lee

Heather Sundell, Marketing Manager

Hugh Grant’s Bacon number is 2
Hugh Grant [27] and Nicholas Hoult [28] appeared in About a Boy [29].
Nicholas Hoult [28] and Kevin Bacon [12] appeared in X-Men: First Class [17].
“Um…because who doesn’t love a poufy men’s blouse, floppy parted hair, big round glasses, and stumbling British accent??”


Gabriel Law, Business Intelligence Manager

Larry Page has no results!!

“Well, LP founded Google and developed PageRank, practically providing a livelihood to all employees at The Search Agency.”

Something seems fishy here…why is everyone ranked with a Bacon Number 2?? Ok after several Google Searches later…I have discovered someone with a higher number. The one and only:

Justin Bieber’s Bacon number is 4

Justin Bieber [30] and Riker Lynch [31] appeared in School Gyrls [32].
Riker Lynch [31] and Gwyneth Paltrow [33] appeared in Glee: The 3D Concert Movie [34].
Gwyneth Paltrow [33] and John Lithgow [35] appeared in Classical Baby: I’m Grown Up Now: The Poetry Show [36].
John Lithgow [35] and Kevin Bacon [12] appeared in Footloose [13].
We will be very interested to see the progress of Knowledge Graph, and how it will better serve the Bacon Number community.

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