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DNR Websites Come Back to Life!

Maybe I’m feeling nostlagic today. Or possibly it’s because one of our office walls looks like this:



Most likely it was, the facelift that Mr. Timberlake himself has given to MySpace.  Have you guys seen this thing? It looks like Spotify and Facebook had a love child [2], and I am NOT complaining. I think it might actually have a fair shot of becoming a major player in the social scene with its signature musical emphasis.

Seeing this reincarnation of a once DNR site got me thinking about all the search engines, sites, and social platforms of yesteryear. I miss Ask Jeeves and Friendster! I decided to poll the office and see which sites our staff misses most, and asked them to get a little creative by imagining these sites reborn today. Let’s see what they said:


David Carrillo, Social Media Manager – Live Journal

Definitely LiveJournal! 10 years after Doogie Howser made blogging cool (think about it), LiveJournal was born and, for this then-teenager, it was glorious. It’s been somewhat reincarnated by Tumblr—and technically it has yet to be declared dead—but it’s just not the same. More than anything, I just wish people wrote more than two-sentence Reblog-bait.



Sarah Gottlieb, SEO Creative Editor – Netscape

I definitely want Netscape back.  And I think it should focus on sending the following to your desktop screen: cute animals, intriguing landscapes and non-newsworthy stories you can’t help but read. 



Katie Snetsinger, Account Manager – ICQ

ICQ made me the woman I am today.  Original “Uh-oh”



Heather Sundell, Marketing Manager – Dog Pile

I remember using Dog Pile as my search engine back in middle school, as a companion engine to dial-up AOL obvi. I think it needs to be resurrected as a social platform where people can express admiration for their dogs by creating doggie profiles…so that I don’t need to see them on Facebook. I don’t need to be friends with your dog!



Jessica Lee, SEO Specialist – Geocites

I miss Geocities.  I made my first website in 1997 with Geocities and I miss the dancing palm trees and flashing bars.  Today’s websites are too sterile in my opinion! 

If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out the Geocitiesizer tool at http://wonder-tonic.com/geocitiesizer/ [7].



What are your favorite old search engines, sites, and social platforms??? If you could do CPR on them, what would they look like today?

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