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Death to the Blog!

The evolution of SEO and rise of Social Media have resulted in the need for constant content. The solution most people suggest is adding a “blog.” But what does that even mean? So many people give the recommendation to add a blog to an existing website without thinking the whole concept through or even knowing themselves what they mean when they say “add a blog.”

Regardless of if you’re coming from a SEO or Social Media background, as search marketers we need to think beyond the “blog” and actually suggest and help websites establish a true content creation strategy that has legs and can actually drive traffic/increase sales. The term “blog” is very dated in my opinion and really doesn’t give any direction. I’d even go as far to say that if you label your fresh, unique content a “blog,” you’re not properly communicating the true value of this content.

Think beyond the blog!

If you’re in any capacity to offer SEO and/or Social Media recommendations for a company, before the word “blog” ever leaves your mouth, you need to think through the following details:

The Competitive Content Market

–        Don’t just slap on a blog.

The Larger Concept and Goal for Adding Constant Content

–        Don’t just do it just for SEO/Social Media purposes.

How/Where the Content Will Live Within Your Existing Website?

–        Don’t just assume it all has to live in one place.

The Editorial Calendar

–        Don’t just regurgitate other people’s content/pull it out of you’re a**.

The Voice/Personality Of This Content

–        Don’t just label a section “blog.”

The Marketing Plan for This Content

–        Don’t just create it and expect people to come…You aren’t Kevin Costner.

How This Traffic Will Convert

–        Don’t expect it to just convert.

Although I may be arguing semantics with my distaste for the term “blog,” I think my main issue is how cavalier the term is used. It’s been abused to the point where it’s become an empty vessel. So before you go marching to the VP of Marketing’s office with an idea for a “blog,” make sure you’ve thought everything through and present more than just a word. Present a strategy.

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