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The Future of Search


When WebProNews [2]  said they were looking for an agency’s viewpoint on the future of search, social and Google, my ears immediately perked up.

The Search Agency search teams have been discussing this very topic since early last year, as we’ve seen algorithms incorporate more social and engagement signals and seen social media play a larger role in influencing search behavior and click throughs. Definitely of interest.

The overall questions were pretty broad in their scope and subject matter, covering everything from Google products, Yahoo business model, Twitter search through DuckDuckGo [3], Facebook as a search player, and what a social search engine means for users.

Key takeaways really focus around Google reacting to the search and social landscape by focusing their massive resources at solving a problem that hasn’t (probably) been fully defined yet, and Facebook’s efforts to utilize their massive repository of user data, likes and associations to create a better search engine for their users’ intent. This ties in really nicely to the agency’s credo of “Search Everywhere Optimization” being a component of an holistic SEO approach.

Thank you Abby Johnson [4]from WebProNews [5] for leveraging your subtle southern drawl to offset my English-Aussie-Yankie accent with a little Mint Julep expertise.

Check out the full interview, [6]Is Google Becoming a Copycat to Keep Its Competitive Edge? [6]” on WebProNews.